Medical Inflatable Bed Pan Anti Bedsore Toilet Urinal for Elderly Bedridden

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1.Made of high quality PU material, one-time molding process, soft and wear-resistant, good elasticity.

2.Widly applied to patient who suffer paralysis, burns, fractures, traction, surgical care or long-term bedridden.

3.Ergonomic pressure relief, fit the natural curve of the buttocks, easy support, care for users allowing stable posture.

4.Comes with a bonus air pump, let out the air when it is not in use, it does not take up much space, easy to storage or carry.

5.Expandable inflated mouth, can be pinched in after inflation to get a smoother surface.Thickened plastic bottom, more stable and durable.




Item Type: Inflatable Bed Pan

Material: PU


-External Diameter: 32*25cm/12.6*9.8inch

-Inner Diameter: 10cm/3.9inch


Package List:

1 x Bed Pan

1 x Air Pump

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